Booking Terms and Conditions – 3 Mile Camp


Accommodation” – refers to camp sites and The Ridge (Also known as Scorpion Ridge) situated at 3 Mile camp grounds, Homestead cabins 1 through to 26 inclusive, Fishing Lodge 1 and 2, Shearers Quarters, and Shearers Shed.

“Administration Fee” – per booking, to meet associated work involved in cancelling the booking, and refunding any surplus funds to the nominated bank account.

Adult” for the purpose of tariff is 16+ years of age, otherwise anyone 18+ years of age.

“Booking” – refers to an informal Booking and formal Booking.

“Booking Reference Number” – is a number issued post upon a formal booking and informal booking. It should be quoted upon arrival and in any correspondence or general query.

“Bulk Fuel” – refers to purchase of unleaded and diesel fuel in a quantity of 200 litre drum. Indicative price is available upon inquiry, however final cost is unavailable until the date of delivery from supplier. An upfront payment of $400 is required upon formal order, with difference in supplier delivered price to the upfront payment refunded shortly after delivery from supplier. Upon check in, and advice when Bulk Fuel is required, it is placed adjacent the Homestead Fishing Cleaning Bay.

“Cancellation Fee” – commensurate with the level of notice given,  work to re-book, and lost opportunity cost. A cancellation closer to the date, has a lesser chance of re-booking, and hence a higher cost to compensate

“Cancellation Policy” –  Refer Terms and Conditions herein and, for more explicit detail including.

“Car Pass” – is a sticker issued by us to you, collected at 3 Mile Shop or Homestead upon check in. Affixed to the motor vehicle bottom corner front passenger side window with the matching registration number, at all times from post check in to removal upon check out as per the dates set out on the Car Pass. This then grants the motor vehicle access to accommodation areas. Motor vehicles without the affixed Car Pass must immediately report to 3 Mile Shop or Homestead for consideration to access accommodation areas.

Children” for the purpose of tariff is 6 – 15 years of age. 

“Day Tripper” – person/s passing through or who visit Gnaraloo Station for a day only and / or has not booked any accommodation,  or person/s you have invited for the day only.

“Deposit” – refers to a payment made for a booking and the amount is determined by the Tariff Rate applicable but not limited to the dates, accommodation, number of guests, additional services on the booking.

Formal Booking” is classified, and can only be guaranteed upon:

  1. Provision of valid personal details (i.e. Name, mobile, residential address, and email address),
  2. Receipt of payment equal to or more than the required booking payment as advised, and
  3. Formal email booking advice being sent to you detailing the booking as well as acknowledging receipt of payment by us.

“Infant” – for the purpose of tariff is 0 – 5 years of age. No tariff is applicable for infant.

“Informal Booking” – refers to an enquiry, that does not meet the Formal Booking criteria, at risk of  cancellation at anytime, without advice.

“Premium Camp Sites” – refers to camp sites designated as gold, green and red stars of the Gnaraloo Station – 3 Mile Camping Grounds Map

“Terms and Conditions” – refers to both “Booking Terms and Conditions – 3 Mile Camp” AND “Know before you go”.

“Travel Insurance” – we , and accredited staff are authorised representatives of Cover More Insurance, only available on or before a Formal Booking and Informal Booking.

We / us / our” – Refers to the management, staff, the business and land holding area both known as Gnaraloo Station and its successors situated on Gnaraloo Road Macleod WA 6701.

You / your”  – is a person 18+ years of age whom the booking is in the name of, plus any guest and / or visitor that is included in the booking and / or guardian/s of person under 18 years of age, present at any time at the various forms of Accommodation, and surrounding areas of Gnaraloo Station.

3 Mile Accommodation” – refers to 3 Mile Camp Sites, and 3 Mile The Ridge.

3 Mile Off Peak Period” is anything outside:

  1. 3 Mile Peak Period”, and
  2. 3 Mile Standard Period”.

3 Mile Peak Period” are the annual dates aligned to the West Australian Government schools, school holiday dates of what is commonly known as:

  1. March/April school holidays,
  2. June/July school holidays, and
  3. September/October school holidays,

3 Mile Standard Period” are the annual dates aligned to the West Australian Government schools, school holiday, commencing on the:

  1. First day of what is commonly known as the March/April school holidays through to the final day of the September and October school holidays, AND
  2. Any dates outside 3 Mile Peak Period.

Terms & Conditions

Parties to this agreement are us, and you,  and day tripper present at any time at the various forms of accommodation available at Gnaraloo Station.

You agree to these Terms and Conditions which commence upon informal booking and  formal booking. It is your responsibility for the provision of these Terms and Conditions to you, and their agreement prior to booking. Should they not agree to these Terms and Conditions they are not allowed to Gnaraloo Station accommodation.

All or parts of these Terms and Conditions, can be changed or discontinued from time to time. It is your responsibility to regularly check for updates. Copies are available from or as listed on our website

Booking is subject to availability, and the applicable tariffs at the time of booking. Tariff can vary due to, but not limited to minimum people, dates, sites, cabins , age, and changes to any of these may influence the tariff.

Our preferred booking method is either online, in person or over the phone. A deposit is required at the time of booking and we accept valid credit cards from Mastercard and Visa only, A surcharge is not applied.

Booking advice then promptly follows to the advised email address, setting out the booking details, and Terms and Conditions. Booking are subject to availability, it is highly recommended these details are checked and any errors advised immediately.

Payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”) may cause a delay in conversion from an Informal booking to formal booking or even loss of informal booking, due to, but not limited to Booking Reference Number not being quoted or incorrectly, incorrect BSB and Bank Account Number, delay / breakdown between financial institutions, or even complete oversight of payment. Incorrect personal details and / or, failure to amend personal details may also cause an informal booking.

Amendments to booking are not permitted, except at our absolute discretion. If allowed:

  1. Amendments can only be made by the same person who originally made the booking and the name in which it has been secured.
  2. Amendments to a booking during any part of 3 Mile Peak Period may only be requested 60+ days prior to scheduled arrival date. Amendments during 3 Mile Standard Period and 3 Mile Off Peak Period may only be requested 30+ days prior to scheduled arrival date.
  3. Our Cancellation Policy applies to the respective reduced term and commensurate amount for amendments relating to a formal booking where a reduction in tenure is greater than 5 days.
  4. Booking is not transferable to other parties, except under management absolute discretion.

One person may only book one accommodation for a similar period of time. Subject to management discretion and availability, multiple accommodation can be considered on the same booking inquiry / period, subject to:

  1. Your single accommodation is immediately made a formal booking at the time of inquiry, and
  2. Nominated name/s or third party/ies for the other accommodation cannot be a guest to your single accommodation, and
  3. Nominated name/s or third party/ies for the additional accommodation have made contact, and converted the additional accommodation to a formal booking in their name by 5pm close of business the following business day.
  4. Accommodation not converted to a formal booking by 5pm the following business day of the initial enquiry, will automatically be cancelled, returned to available.

3 Mile Peak Period will require a minimum upfront deposit equivalent to 50% of the total booking, with the balance payable together with absolute final guest numbers no later than 60 days prior to arrival. 3 Mile Standard Period and 3 Mile Off Peak Period require a minimum deposit equivalent to 20% of the total booking, with balance payable together with absolute final guest numbers no later than 30 days prior to arrival.

If any payment requested is not received by us up to 72 hours depending on the advice, written and / or verbal advice, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without further reference. Refunds (if any) will be in line with our Cancellation Policy.

Proof of your booking and / or matching identity may be required upon check in and at any other time during the accommodation period. If necessary, we may take steps to verify your details. If you cannot verify any of your details, we may declare your booking null and void and you will forfeit all monies paid.

You may only occupy the accommodation providing the number of guests is commensurate with those details confirmed at the time of your final payment. Thereafter, any changes are subject to availability and management’s discretion regardless of circumstances. At all times, management has the right of refusal which may require you to source alternative lodging, outside Gnaraloo Station, in a very remote location, and limited options, especially during peak periods, possible even a 300km return trip to the closest major town Carnarvon.

Competition and gift vouchers are limited to their face value, not exchangeable for cash, non-transferable, cannot to be used for any other services, and not available for 3 Mile Peak Period Accommodation and Homestead Peak Period Accommodation. Voucher accommodation period must be used within 12 months from the date the competition was drawn.

For the opportunity of the all who have not experienced premium camp sites, booking of premium camp sites, during 3 Mile Peak Period AND calendar year 2021, you will not be allowed to book any of these premium camp sites in 2022.

We retain the right to close any of the accommodation and facilities without notice and / or reason and / or because of unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to extreme weather, emergencies, statutory advices, disease. Gnaraloo Station is not responsible for any loss arising out of any occurrences or conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of terrorism, act of God, defects in vehicles, war, strikes, theft, delay, cancellation, disease, civil disorder, disaster, Government regulations or changes in itinerary or schedule. Any refund is in line with Cancellation Policy.

Travel insurance maybe available to cover loss in certain unfortunate circumstances. Quote can be given, if you enquire at the time or before formal booking that may assist in any losses, costs, and expenses that may incurred due to cancellation of booking.

If You have been advised verbally and / or in writing of being evicted and / or barred from Gnaraloo Station, remaining monies at the time on the booking in its entirety and / or on future booking is non-refundable.  Management absolute discretion, has the right to further extend the eviction / barr to all parties within the booking, and / or related booking deemed by management, also with no refunds. Barred guest/s forming a guest of another booking, will see the booking cancelled, be evicted from site / cabin in its entirety with no refund.


Tariffs are advised in Australian Dollars and include all compulsory Government or regulatory charges (e.g. GST).

Please refer to our website for latest Tariffs: Tariffs – 3 Mile Camp

Accommodation deprivation, for example but not limited to unclean vacated accommodation, dirty dishes, vomit, bodily waste, breakages, removal of non-vacated possessions, destruction of vegetation, moving boundary rocks will be charged at a minimum of $50 for the first hour (Not part thereof), and $25 per half hour (Not part there of) thereafter, plus materials, plus professional costs, plus minimum daily tariff until such time the property can be re-tenanted.

Bulk Fuel buyback conditions:

  1. Purchased, but NOT delivered to Homestead Fish Cleaning Bay, is a refund of supplier delivered price less $20.00 handling fee.
  2. Purchased, delivered to Homestead Fish Cleaning Bay, and no fuel used, is a refund of supplier delivered price less $40.00 handling
  3. Purchased, delivered to Homestead Fish Cleaning Bay, fuel used and portion remaining. Residual litres is refunded at Carnarvon fuel stations respective average fuel price per litre at the time less $40.00 handling fee.

Upon check in for any respective accommodation, you are required to provide a valid credit card for pre-authorisation and / or a cash deposit totaling $200.00 for incidental charges, not limited to damages, breakages, losses, theft, environmental impact, hard rubbish removal, breaches of Booking Terms and Conditions – 3 Mile Camp and / or Know before you go, native vegetation destruction, late check out, additional cleaning fees, additional services.

Caravan storage fee at the Homestead is applicable at $250.00 for a 12 months storage period, due on the 1st of January each year. New to storage post 1st January is payable at 1/12 of the Caravan storage fee x (month stored + remaining month/s of that year). Refunds are subject to management discretion, and if approved, refund is calculated at 1/12 of the Caravan storage fee x remaining month/s of the year.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations MUST be advised in writing to or via our online form detailing your best contact number, booking number, reason for cancellation, and bank account details (e.g. BSB and Account number. Refunds are only made to an Australian bank accounts).

Cancellations up to and including 28/02/2022

Over 60 days notice 90% of deposit paid returned. 30  – 60 days notice, 70% of deposit returned. Less than 30 days notice full booking expected or booking will not be held – No Refund for changes and / or cancellations. Bookings during school holidays, no refund will be given,

April 2020 School Holidays Covid 2020 Cancellation Policy

At the time of Covid 19 being declared a pandemic, Cancellation Policy Up to and including 28/02/2022 is applicable. Timing of the pandemic announcement had a greater impact on accommodation bookings during April 2020 school holidays. In good faith, 2 options were presented as follows:

a) Postpone April 2020 booking for a credit note , for a future period of STAY (Subject to availability), on or before the 30th April 2022. For example, and clarification, bookings will not be accepted on the 29th April 2022 for a period of stay on the 1st December 2022. Credit note value can be applied to a lesser, comparable or superior camp site / cabin, at the applicable Tariff value, at the time of booking. This credit note is not redeemable for a cash refund, nor will it become a refundable booking in the future. Booking amendments are welcome subject to availability and minimum 60 days notice prior to arrival.

b) Full Refund less an administration fee up to $200.00, commensurate with the number of cancellations, which then governs the level of work and re-organisation of bookings required. Minimal refunds resulted in an end administration fee relating to this only of $30.00 per Accommodation Site.

Cancellation from the 01/03/2022 onwards,

3 Mile Peak Season Cancellation Fee

Cancellation Notice Advice Administration Fee Cancellation Fee
0 to 7 days inclusive $Nil $No refund
8 to 13 days inclusive $50.00 $150.00
14 to 30 days inclusive $50.00 $50.00
31 to 60 days inclusive $50.00 $25.00
60+ days $50.00 $Nil

3 Mile Standard and Off Season Cancellation Fee

Cancellation Notice Advice Administration Fee Cancellation Fee
0 to 7 days inclusive $Nil $No refund
8 to 13 days inclusive $50.00 $150.00
14 to 30 days inclusive $50.00 $50.00
30+ days $50.00 $Nil

Waiver of cancellation fee due to exceptional circumstances, which may require supporting documentation, will be considered on a case by case basis, at management’s discretion.   Our decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

No refunds / credits are extended for delayed arrival and / or early departures, and / or fewer guests than the paid booking.

Exceptional circumstance, if credit is granted, is valid for accommodation period within 12 months from the day the booking credit is issued. Booking credits can be transferred between the accommodation sites, as well multiple bookings, providing the booking accommodation period is within the 12 months from the credit being issued. Booking credit can only be used for the accommodation portion of the booking. They cannot be used for other services, such as, but not limited to 3 Mile shop, firewood, ice. Booking credit are not exchangeable for cash. Any booking portion of the credit not redeemed within the 12 months will be forfeited.