Know before you go

Guidelines and rules at Gnaraloo are necessary to protect the environment, ensure a safe experience for all and future enjoyment of this area by everyone. All or parts of this information may change or cease from time to time. It is your responsibility to regularly check for updates to these terms and conditions, by requesting a copy from or as listed on our website.
Please visit our Guest information page for more information.

Check in / Check out – 3 Mile Camp

Check in time for 3 Mile Camp sites is after 12 pm, at the 3 Mile shop only up to 6 pm of the date of arrival, otherwise promptly upon 3 Mile shop opening hours the following day.
For guaranteed time of arrival prior to 12 pm, the prior night will need to be booked, therefore incurring an additional 1 night minimum tariff.

Check out time for 3 Mile Camp sites is 10 am.
Late check out post 10 am, the following night will also to booked, incurring an additional 1 night minimum tariff.

Check in / Check out – Homestead

Check in times for the Homestead is at the Homestead only, during office hours between 2pm to 6pm and check out is on or before 10am. Alternative arrangements will need to be made with Homestead office for late check in after 6pm on (08) 99 42 5927.

For guaranteed time of arrival prior to 2pm, the prior night will need to be booked, therefore incurring an additional 1 night minimum tariff. Late check out post 10am, the following night will also need to booked. Incurring an additional 1 night minimum tariff.

Covid compliance

Covid compliance is to be followed in line with statutory advice at the times, not limited to:

  1. Completion of contact register upon arrival, and various movements throughout the station, this includes movement between 3 Mile Accommodation and Homestead Accommodation.
  2. Social distancing
  3. Satisfactory hygiene practices
  4. Group gatherings
  5. Masks
  6. Border restrictions
  7. Any Covid infection, and / or related symptom, and / or recent exposure to a person of similar standing is not to come to us, and / or isolate and advise us immediately.

3 Mile Camp shop

3 Mile shop opening hours during the peak season: Monday to Saturday is 8.30 am – 9.30 am, 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm, and 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm. Sunday 8.30 am to 9.30 am. School Holiday (April, July, September): open daily 8.30 am to 6.00 pm. Low / off peak season: opening hours vary depending on occupancy.

The 3 Mile shop has a regular supply of 5 kg bag of cubed ice, frozen bread, spring water, bait, chocolates, ice creams, alcohol (single unit prices), cigarettes and merchandise, as well as a small supply of essential items. Shop does not stock any fresh fruit and vegetables.

Homestead office

Homestead Accommodation office hours are Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 10 am and 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Respect and safety

For the respect, and enjoyment of the environment, local wildlife, and guests, no loud noise or abusive/ offensive behaviour is permitted at all times.

Respect of staff and their workings, and others. Any abuse and / or foul language towards staff and / or others will result in immediate cancellation of current and future bookings, and possible permanent eviction / barring.

Children must be supervised at all times by an adult, especially in the ablution blocks.

Safety and security of personal belongings is your sole responsibility.

Smoking is not permitted within any of the enclosed accommodations.


3 Mile Camp
Limited access to courtesy chest freezers, and courtesy power board to recharge small electronic goods situated in the undercover area of the 3 Mile shop, as well as limited daily hire of 240 VAC power points (conditions apply). 240 VAC power is generated from onsite generators, servicing connections from 6 am to 10 pm. Hot showers are recommended post 6 am through to 10 pm.

Homestead cabin guests enjoy free access to 240 VAC power points for small electronic goods. Power is generated from onsite generators, servicing connections from 7 am to 11 pm. Hot showers are recommended post 9 am through to 11 pm. Fully equipped kitchen include oven, microwave, fridges, freezers, and BBQ. 

Due to our source of power, numerous appliances are not to be used, especially appliances with elements. Such as, but not limited to, electric kettles, toasters, fryers, frypans, hair dryers, electric urns, element grills, coffee machines, ice makers, bread makers etc. If you are unsure please ask. Gas top kettles, toasters, fridges and freezers are supplied for guests at the Homestead Accommodation.

Guests warrant extension cords and electrical equipment are in good working order. Management will not accept any liability for any faulty equipment.


Water is becoming more and more a limited resource, this is especially the case at Gnaraloo Station. Potable and Non-potable water is only to be used sparingly. Showers limited to no longer than 2 minutes.

Laundry facilities are not available.

3 Mile Camp
Only non-potable water is used at 3 Mile Camp grounds.
3 Mile Camp guests enjoy, depending on site numbers, access of up to 3 ablution blocks with non-potable water for hot & cold shower, flushing toilets (toilet paper provided), hot & cold bathroom basins, and cold water kitchen / laundry sinks.

Homestead cabin guests enjoy potable and non-potable water,  hot & cold shower, flushing toilets (toilet paper provided), hot & cold bathroom basins, kitchen sinks, fully equipped kitchen, oven, microwave, fridges and freezers, beds (need to supply own linen, conditions apply for hiring), and BBQ.

Food, recycling and waste

Food and food waste is to be stored securely, and transferred to the designated accommodation refuse areas regularly, to prevent attraction from local wildlife, minimise health risk, and nuisance to other campers.

Recyclable containers are to be placed in the designated bins as per signage.

Dump points are not available anywhere on the station.

Hard rubbish needs to be taken with you upon departure. Penalties apply for non-removal of hard rubbish.

3 Mile Camp site or Homestead accommodation deprivation, for example but not limited to unclean vacated accommodation, dirty dishes, vomit, bodily waste, breakages, removal of non-vacated possessions will be charged at a minimum of $50 for the first hour (no part thereof), and $25 per half (no part thereof) hour thereafter, plus materials, plus professional costs, plus minimum daily tariff until such time the accommodation can be re-tenanted.

Fish cleaning

Fish cleaning is to be only conducted at the designated cleaning bays situated at either 3 Mile Camp or Homestead grounds, with any offal placed in courtesy tubs for disposal by management. Under no circumstances are fish to be cleaned at any other form of accommodation.

Camp fires

Controlled camp fires are permitted in accordance with the statutory authority fire advice.

Only milled timber is allowed to be brought to the station and / or used for camp fires, for convenience, available for purchase from the 3 Mile shop and Homestead.

Removing wild wood from ANY environment eliminates valuable habitats and nutrients for that respective environment. To remove any ambiguity, regardless of any explanation, and most importantly care for the environment, any person found in possession of any wood outside milled timber while at Gnaraloo Station, it will be automatically confiscated, and returned to mother nature.

Learn more about the negative impacts from removal of local wood.


Silent generators can only be used in 3 Mile Camp grounds, between 8 am to 7 pm, mindful of:

  • Positioning within your designated camping lot only.
  • Ensure cords do not cross any guests common grounds
  • Keep running to a minimum.
  • Running generator is not be left unattended, these will be turned off by management if the case.
  • Not to be used during a fireban.


Only friendly dogs are welcomed, to be advised prior to final payment (fees and conditions apply). Dog/s is/are to be kept on a leash at all times while in the accommodation areas. Please clean up after them, and dispose correctly (will need to bring your own doggy bag).

Please be advised that 1080 baits have been laid in parts of the Station and therefore can be a threat to your dog.

Wifi / Signal / Phone

Station enjoys nominal present day communication. Mobile signal is non-existent for Vodafone and Optus customers through to scratchy signals for Telstra at a high point, and favourable atmospheric conditions. Pay as you go phone ($2, $1 and 50c coins), Telstra pre-paid phones (Telstra pre-paid card required, and need to be purchased before coming to the station) and paid WIFI data packages are available which are fair to reasonable reliable.

Medical services

Closest professional medical services can be sought from the closest major town Carnarvon, approximately 150 km from Gnaraloo Station. Telephone access only (RFDS plane access is not available) to the RFDS who will complete an over the phone consultation in conjunction with their limited first aid kit. Should an ambulance be required, it can be arranged by our staff in some instances, you may be required to drive the patient to Carnarvon for medical assistance. We do encourage anyone with medical qualifications to advise us on arrival, this will be kept private and consulted beforehand. Sufficient supplies of ongoing medication should be brought before coming to the station.


From time to time, for varying reasons, access roads to the station maybe closed. Check road status with the Main Roads and Shire of Carnarvon prior to departure.

Accommodation has been designed for one vehicle per site. Certain accommodation may permit additional vehicles, but will need to be discussed upon booking. Regardless of the circumstances, management has the right of refusal to additional vehicles which may require you to source alternative arrangements in a very remote location and limited options, especially during peak periods, possible even a 300 km return trip to the closest major town Carnarvon.

Speed restrictions of less than 8 km/h apply within any of the accommodation areas. Speed limits also need to be adhered to on gazetted and non-gazetted roads / tracks.

Look out for children, wildlife and stock.

Use appropriate tyre pressures, and only drive to your experience and road conditions.

Driving around the station is limited to designated roads only. Access to “Station use only” roads is not permitted. Gnaraloo does not allow visitors to drive any vehicles in the fragile dune system or on beaches along its coastline. Vegetation regrowth is underway. Driving is not permitted on this regrowth. Learn more about the ecological significance of the dunes and beaches.

Illegal camping

Accommodation is only available at the designated accommodation areas. Illegal camping anywhere else on Gnaraloo Station will not be tolerated, and persons found camping will be subject to fine of $400 per person.

Boats and jetskis

You are welcome to bring your boat or jetski. Please let us know, so that we can help you to plan parking. All vessels must be ridden with and in consideration for the reef and other water users. In swimming areas, such as the 3 Mile Lagoon and Gnaraloo Bay, vessels must slow down and giveaway to swimmers. Kindly ask before or on arrival for information about fuel supplies, launching areas and marine sanctuary zones.

Motorbikes and quad bikes

Motorbikes and quad bikes ridden with care and respect are welcome on the open tracks of Gnaraloo. You are not permitted to ride them anywhere you could not take a car. No driving on the beach, dunes or any “Station use only” track. Anyone found doing so will have their bike impounded and there will be a charge to reclaim it at the end of your stay.

If you are bringing a bike or quad to use here, please also bring a helmet as our main track is public road, and subject to usual road laws.


Diesel and unleaded fuel is available from the Homestead but cannot be guaranteed. Check availability with 3 Mile Shop or Homestead before you run down your own supplies. If available, require minimum of 24 hours notice. You will need to supply your own jerry cans.

Vehicle repairs

Vehicle repairs will be required to return to Carnarvon to have repair work done. Given station remote location, it is highly recommended vehicle breakdown cover membership is held. We can sometimes arrange for essential repair work to be done if we have a suitable qualified tradesperson available. This will be charged at $150 per hour (minimum half hour charge) plus materials. Due to several cases of lost or broken equipment, you will no longer be allowed to use our workshop to effect your own repairs and / or borrow tools.

Vehicle recovery charges, $250 per hour, which commences from the time of leaving the Homestead, until return, requiring a pre-payment of $1500.00. Successful or non-successful recovery, unused portion will be refunded.


Firearms are not permitted anywhere on Gnaraloo. If you have brought a firearm with you, please take it immediately to the Homestead office where it will be placed in a locked gun safe, for collection upon departure.