Kitesurfing at Gnaraloo can be enjoyed all along the coast, however there are two popular prime spots, one being on and around the famous Tombstones wave and one at Gnaraloo Bay. Should you be able to organise it, Tombstones to Gnaraloo Bay would make an excellent downwinder.

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TOMBSTONES- is the main wave and enjoyed by surfers and windsurfers as well. This wave is for experienced riders as the wave can be massive, but also because the reef is shallow and sharp (people do get hurt). Twintip users can still have fun; however surf board users love it and have been known to get up to 20 bottom turns.

Setup, launch and land
Getting your kite setup and into the water is not easy, and again is not for the inexperienced. Assisted launches would be the preference, however a steel peg does exist that you can use to attach your chicken loop and run your kite out to the edge of the window for an unassisted launch. This peg is on a big slope and among shrub – be aware on high tides and after heavy seas the small beach can be non-existent. Also there is plenty of sharp stone and shingle, those with a tarp will ensure their kites don’t get rips.

Remember to always comply with the right of way rules. Should the wave be busy or if it’s just too big for you, some great kiting can be had on smaller close by waves.

We recommend either wearing (or at least having) a pair of booties on you. If your kite gets eaten or tangled and you are forced to exit unassisted by your kite, the boots will save your feet on the rock and reef.

If the wind drops or you experience a problem with your kite, it should be possible to go down wind and get out near the 3Mile Lagoon; however be aware kite surfing is not allowed at the lagoon, so making an exit here should be a LAST resort.


GNARALOO BAY – This can be a great spot for flat water, however the typical south wind can make it a bit offshore and really only works safely with a lot of west in it. If you have a rescue boat this is not an issue.

Around the corner from the boat ramp is really good flat water which can be very shallow on a low tide and is covered in coral. Bout 100m out there are some decent waves but again should only be taken on by those who are confident with self-rescuing and long swims.

To the left of the boat ramp is the reserve; it is illegal to fish or use powered craft.

Gnaraloo Bay is where we have a boat ramp, in the afternoon the area can get quite busy with returning fishermen; it is also not unusual for craft to be anchored in the bay.

Setup and access

Gnaraloo Bay has a wonderful long and wide beach, so setup and access is not an issue for kiting. Walking 50m to the left of the boat ramp is a great spot to setup.

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